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Snow Globes Embroidery Quilt preview

We have been meaning to embark on this project from Crabapple Hill for quite a long time.

You will receive a globe each month, plus the Cosmo threads and quilter’s muslin. Many of the Cosmo threads she has used have a glitter through them plus they are variegated.

Each embroidery needs to be traced, then you will colour/shade the image using Crayola Crayons. You will be taught the technique for this with your 1st month.

You will receive the fabrics towards the end of the project to create a beautiful quilt in time for next Christmas. There is just one fabric involved plus extra quilters muslin.

We hesitate to show you the designer’s finished quilt as she used an apricot which does not look appropriate for a Christmas quilt. Later we will give you some alternative choices for the assembly of the finished blocks — plus show you a picture of Lynda’s quilt.

When you have finished, you will have a beautiful family heirloom and a quilt suitable for a quilt exhibition — as well as having spent many happy hours with the embroidery!

Just a note: We highly recommend an LED light pad.

Month One is $150.00 followed by $34.00 for Months 2 – 12. We are looking at starting the next round May/June 2021.

Actual dimensions are 68-1/2" x 68-1/2"
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