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U270 Creative Grid Design Wall (56in wide with 2in grid) preview

This product has been around for a very long time. I have a chunk of it on a design wall and it has been so useful over the years. Triangles, squares etc cut from your fabric will actually stick to it so you can stand back and look at your placement, then shuffle them around until you are happy with the effect. Just keep the cat away or you will find all your designs fluttering onto the floor.

Actual dimensions are 56 inches wide
Brand New Item
  • Minimum Cut: 1.00 metres
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Fabric Brand: Maywood Studio
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NZD $35.00

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Grandmother's Garden Design Wall

Welcome to the new Design wall, select your favourite fabrics and and place them around the canvas to get the feel for your next project, and change the background of the canvas to suit.
Once you have selected the fabrics you like, drag them in to the shopping cart and click checkout.
You'll be ready to stitch in no time